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Herald Wrath

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1Herald Wrath Empty Herald Wrath on Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:02 pm


Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'0", 170 lbs
Class: Warrior
Religion: Phalan (god of war)
Alignment: Wherever he finds a cause worth fighting for.
Personality: Patient, strategic, disciplined, determined, educated.
Herald Wrath 18735
Background/History: Born into a wealthy Dawnian family. Herald was enrolled in the academy of war at the age of 10. For a decade afterwords he was trained in the art of the Crusadrem. The most elite warriors in all of Overdark. Over time he gained rank, becoming a well established commander in the field. But when a family of lycans were under threat of being captured, he granted them sanctuary. Which eventually lead to both the lycans execution and his banishment from the city of Dawn. Now as an ex-crusadrem warrior he travels from place to place seeking mercenary work and fighting for any cause he deems worthy.

Roleplay Sample: The sun shone brightly over the fallen wilds as Herald stood with his back to a large bolder. A fully grown Manticore preparing to pounce. He only had a few seconds and he had to time it right. He unsheathed his sword Glathius, the same great sword he used during his time as a Crusadrem commander. He swung in the beasts direction and it snarled angrily.
Herald Wrath 20120820-110327-pm
Then it jumped, just before it managed to tackle him, Herald fell flat to the ground. The Manticore flying straight into the rock head first behind him. It was knocked out cold. "Well, another job well done." He said out load to himself. It wasn't often that he found a fully grown manticore in the wild. but at leas the will sleep soundly tonight knowing that it isn't stalking him anymore. To finish off the creature he walked over to its head and in a split second decapitated it. His hand almost invisible due to the speed of the strike.  


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