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1Chimera Empty Chimera on Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:17 am



Chimera Anima__Arch_Chimera_by_Wen_M
Main Trait: Durability
Common Element: Earth, Light, Darkness, Spirit
Lifespan: 50-60
Average Height: 7'0-8'0
Average Weight: 150-300 lbs

Short lived and often times outcasts from all creatures, Chimeras are a sort of mishmosh of beastial creatures mixed in with a human body. At first they lived a very human, normal life or may have been born with the help of magic due to their parents having died or even been born premature and needed a little extra help. A chimera does not exhibit it's true nature until after five years of life, then it's genetics become unstable to the point of it exhibiting multiple animal parts. Should the chimera be made after five years of age the instability and exposure of the additional parts are instantaneous due to certain hormones having surfaced already.

A chimera can have a varying anatomy, it can have additional brains and stomachs as well as organs. However, due to this, chimeras are often very powerful but very very short lived in their lifespan. To find certain animals that mix and mesh well together and don't make the main body into a raging monster due to the massive amounts of pain is very hard to do. There are some classifications of chimera which have names all their own and exist as a species they are: Sergals, Cruxis, Tailmouths, Batmen, Grifans, Drakors.

Chimeras are genetically insatiable, a jolt of electricity will cause  them extreme pain. Sometimes a chimera, if exposed to certain things can mutate in attempts to adapt to it's instability or better itself to it's surroundings. This is seen in a scorpian tail or talons meant for snatching up fish from the ocean and so on. These creature's don't always have human roots, but typically they do.

There was an attempt at one point, by King Herald during the rise of the Overnan empire to germinate a chimera Matriarch's seed, using a spell, spreading a sort of disease which infected 10% of the the pregnant human women at the time in the world, trying to turn the war in his favor by making people's children into horrible monsters that followed his rule. Chimera's cannot breed, thus they often live a life bearing nothing on the world, not even a memory due to their short lifespan.


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