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Vyssini Polyanthos

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1Vyssini Polyanthos Empty Vyssini Polyanthos on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:13 pm


Jr. Member
Jr. Member
Vyssini Polyanthos
Race: Vampire
Age: 267 years since turned, chronologically 16, appears 11
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 4'7", 97lbs
Class: Rogue
Religion: Worships Erokrium
Alignment: Has not sworn loyalty to anyone
Personality: Distant, timid, cynical, selfish, eccentric.
Vyssini Polyanthos Azami10
Background/History: She didn't remember who she was or where she came from, however her sire led her to believe they had saved her life by transforming her into the immortal beast she is now. The coven her sire belonged to was small and welcomed Vyssini warmly, the elders guided her away from her past self through many teachings in hopes of forming her into the perfect vampire they had wanted her to be. The teachings were cut short in what had felt like a fortnight when the coven that had saved Vyssini were hunted down by outsiders; she survived through her young hunger enveloping her consciousness and pure luck. She left the coastal cave her now scattered coven previously resided in in fear of what she has become and has since been traveling across the lands, surviving by feeding on animals and hiding wherever she could.
Roleplay Sample: The burning was something unbearable, it screamed across ever nerve of her body. She thought she would die here, and accepted it. If this was her fate then so be it. It was unbearable, the pain; no matter how hard she tried to succumb to an eternal sleep the pain would bring her back she just wanted to scream but she couldn't even open her eyes. Just when she thought this was to be the personal hell she was left to suffer through the pain subsided, washed over by a warm bliss that swam around her like the water of a warm lake on a midsummer's day.
With heavy eyes she awoke to darkness with an echoing sound of droplets of water falling onto and splashing on the ground. She laid there for awhile, staring up at the darkness and listening to the waving echoes. I'm in a cave, she concluded, shifting on the worn fabric placed between her body and the stony floor. But where?

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