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1Sphinx Empty Sphinx on Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:08 pm


Sphinx 1358557094209
Main Trait: Calculating
Common Element: Any
Lifespan: 2000-3000
Average Height: 6'0"-6'6"
Average Weight: 180-230 lbs

Agile warriors of the sands, sphinxes make their home in deserts and oases. Sphinxes command respect from all as if they were royalty. Despite an attraction to luxuries, sphinxes are quick and sure-footed in battle when battle is deemed necessary. The upper half of a sphinx is vaguely human in appearance with cat-like features. Below the sphinx's waist, however, is that of a cat or other feline. Sphinxes have tails but they are usually not strong enough to lift objects. Sphinx tails are typical just for show but can be used to knock over small objects.

Sphinxes are often seen with rings or gold bands on their tails but this makes it difficult to lift. because of their lower feline half they have hips that are slightly wider than is proportional to a human of their size. The eyes of a sphinx a feline and typically yellow or some brighter shade of another color. Sphinxes reach maturity around the age of 40 and have a lifespan that has yet to be definitively recorded but many scholars believe average sphinxes live well past 3000.

Sphinxes believe themselves to be direct descendants of the gods and kings of ancient times. Their societies are typically located in deserts near oases or some sort of water source. Sphinxes are very persuasive but can be angered if someone attempts to discredit their divine and royal bloodline. Sphinxes natural ability to lead often makes people wonder if there is some truth to their claims about being the heirs to the gods.


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