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Shelke Von Darkridge

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1Shelke Von Darkridge Empty Shelke Von Darkridge on Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:07 pm


Jr. Member
Jr. Member
Shelke Von Darkridge

Race: Angelkin
Age: 26
Gender: Female.
Height/Weight: 5'7, 200(wings weigh a good 30 or so pounds.)
Class: Cleric (Non-battle. If you attempt to battle my character I'll either turn you down and have my character flee,or give your character an easy victory as my character is a Pacifist.
Religion: Worshiper of Orion, due to her Pacifistic tendencies. He has blessed her with exceptional healing skills.
Alignment: Vampire Lords of Darkridge
Personality: She separates herself from being a person as much as possible, via third person. A pacifist, though in no way an idiot. She is used  too taking the worst kind of beatings emotionally and physically. Her heart is worn on her sleeve, as in she is typically emotionally naked to others. Always offering help and kindness, charity and a smile. It's very odd as she came from Darkridge, a place know for thieves, bandits and vampires as well as demons.


This girl, Shelke as some call her speaks in the third person, wanting to utterly separate herself from the reality of her being a person. She is a broken doll. A rape victim at an early age, but despite that fact she remains alive, albeit broken. She is a pacifist and hates the thought of violence, she will not fight, but she will heal others who are harmed from fighting and has many magics to support those who are in battle.

She hailed from a place full of darkness, her original master being a vampire treated her quite harshly. he feed on her often thus dulling her holy light. She lived with him for a long time, supposedly angel blood was a delicacy, well, at least her's was to him. He didn't love her but she loyally served him for a number of years, tending to things during the day while he spent his time hidden away at night. Oddly enough she could not  be  changed, as they did no "share blood" in the sense that  she drank ffrom him and he drank from her and her angelic heritage kept her from turning into a ghoul or anything of the sort..

When her master was slain by a bandit seeking glory and fame she was kicked from Darkridge, now at about the age of a full grown woman, but she looked much much younger. She was forced to wander at the age of twenty four and has been wandering till now. She knows VERY little about  the world, as she was  restrained to her master's mansion.

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